Cow cheese Mastelo®

White Greek cheese produced in Chios Island by full fat pasteurized cow milk, which is collected every day in stables of Chios.

It both accompanies dinner as table cheese and also an excellent material for novel recipes. It has 29% fat, 46% humidity and 1,6% salt percentage.


Goat cheese Mastelo®

It is a white Greek cheese with soft salted taste. It is produced by full fat goat milk. It is low fat and has soft but distinctive taste.

It has 28% fat, 43% humidity and 1, 6% salt percentage.


Organic Goat cheese Mastelo®

It is a skinless white cheese of rounded shape, with a pleasant taste slightly salty and weak scent. It is a product of organic farming.

It is produced by full fat pasteurized organic goat’s milk. The animals, fed on the mountainous areas of the island of Chios, produce pure organic milk certified by BIOELLAS.


Hard cheese Mastelo®

It is produced from full fat pasteurized cow milk. It is a hard Greek cheese with strong salted taste. It accompanies pasta perfectly and adds great taste to pies especially if combined with Anthotiro cheese.

It has 35% humidity, 34% fat and 6% salt percentage.


Anthotiro cheese Mastelo®

It is a traditional whey Greek cheese, similar to ricotta in texture, with a rather sweet taste, since it contains a small amount of salt while it keeps the aroma of baked milk.

Suitable for dieting, it has only 18% fat and 70% humidity. It can be accompanied by honey, dried nuts or fruit. It is also ideal for delicious sweets and pies.