MASTELO® Unique Greek dairy Products


Mastelo® is one of the well-known products of Chios. Those who love it look for it insistently. Mastelo® is the vested trademark of the business which uses it for all its products. This is the reason these chesses are unique.

The Cow cheese Mastelo® is a most desirable and most loved product. It is a particularly tasty Greek cheese with stretchy texture which becomes tastier when it is grilled. That is the reason for which all visitors have tasted grilled Mastelo® in taverns and restaurants. When a Mastelo® Greek cheese is grilled in coal the rack should be clean so that its taste will not be influenced by other smells. However, if you had previously grilled meat such as bacon, stakes etc. this would have given more taste to the cheese.

The Mastelo® Greek cheese does not need grease to be grilled in coal, in the rack or in a non sticking pan. However, it should be grilled in strong fire. You can both taste it as an appetizer and as a first course with salad.