Mastelo® is the trademark for the dairy products produced in Chios exclusively by Konstantinos Toumazos. They are made of high quality raw materials, fresh full fat Chian cow and goat milk.

The word mastelo literally means the wooden bucket used for the milk collection and its origin is Venetian. It has been a trademark in Greece and in Europe for all the products of the business since 1994. The collaboration with local producers of cow and goat milk who supply their fresh milk daily for the production of the Mastelo® Greek cheeses is a comparative advantage as the local milk is of high quality and taste...

Σαλάτα με μαλακό τυρί Μαστέλο®
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Σαλάτα με μαλακό τυρί Μαστέλο®

Μαλακό τυρί Μαστέλο® σε φύλλο

Μπαγκέτα με Κατσικάκι Μαστέλο®

Μαστέλο® σε πίτα