Mastelo® was first produced in 1994 and it’s a trademark for cheeses produced in the island of Chios exclusively by Konstantinos Toumazos, made of high quality, raw materials.
Cow cheese Mastelo® is a versatile cheese with multiple possibilities of use in the kitchen: It has a high melting point that makes it suitable to grill and it’s an excellent material for “saganaki” (fried cheese meze)
Goat cheese Mastelo®
It is a white Greek cheese with soft salted taste. It is made from full fat goat milk. It can replace mozzarella in pizzas and pies or you can use it as stuffing for meats and vegetables whichever the use it’s always delicious!
The word mastelo literally means the wooden bucket used for the milk collection and its origin is Venetian.
You can find the Mastelo® products in the local market of Chios, in Athens and in Thessaloniki as well as in many Aegean islands and Greek cities. For U.K, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Prague, Cyprus and N.Y


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